7 Tips to Love the Way You Look | Checklist

I’m thrilled that you signed up for 7 Tips to Love the Way You Look in Photos (Without Feeling Awkward Posing) Checklist!

Since you are here, I’m assuming that you don’t (yet) feel confident with the way you look in photos. You are also in the midst of growing your online business and recognize the need for posting more photos of you doing your thing online to spread your powerful message.

Perhaps, you may also be contemplating hiring a pro, but your last experience with a professional photographer was decades ago when Sears and Walmart offer them and, let’s face it, you felt so awkward In the cheesy poses they put you and are are not happy with the outcome.

Not to worry! Inside this brand new and free checklist will help you learn…

  • How to confidently pose in a way that gives you an hourglass shape and makes you look thinner!
  • How to get rid of your dreaded “double chin” and create a gorgeous close up beauty shot!
  • How to avoid the “cheesy grin” and get a genuine and authentic smile!
  • The 2 essential items you need to make DIY photos so much easier!
  • How to soften unwanted wrinkles by using light to your advantage!

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