What is a Coach, and why do you need one?

Perhaps the better question to ask is if you are 100% happy with your photography business today. No? I thought so. You, like most photographers out there, want more. More clients. More confidence. More income. More strategy. More time. And this is precisely where a Coach can be so vital in helping you get your business to that next level. A Coach comes along side of you, provides you with focused direction, proven strategies, direct advice, accountability and a structure of ongoing support that will spur you on towards achieve your business goals.

Here at The Aspiring Photographer, we are committed to helping newly established Photographers proudly stand out  in a saturated industry. Two of our primary focuses are teaching you the process of in person sales so that can sell your art with confidence. The proven in person sales strategies we teach commonly lead to 4 figure sales, 5 figure months and raving clients! In addition, we also teach Senior Photographers how to implement the wildly popular Senior Model Program (each with it's own unique twist). Would you like something like that? I thought so. Let me know here and we’ll see if you are a good fit for the intensive coaching program.

"I feel so motivated after talking to Heather. She is a true inspiration to me and all the boss ladies out there!"


Meet Me :

“I’m sorry but we have no choice to let you go”

I heard those words nearly 4 years ago and they drastically changed my life. I was unexpectedly laid off from my “steady” job. No notice. No warning. I had a 1 year old at home and my family desperately needed my income to make ends meet. Photography had been my hobby at the time, so I figured “maybe I can make it into a business.” And that’s exactly what I did.

It was a ton of work. I did a lot right and I did a lot wrong. I spent late nights on my computer. I took every client that came my way (even the wrong ones). I invested in my education and gear. I poured myself into my photography business day and night and it grew. And grew. And grew. Now, I’m bringing in more than 3 times I ever did at my old day job!

And now it’s your turn. Has anyone ever told you you’re your dream is worth pursuing? It is. What you have to offer the world through photography is meaningful. What you do has value and you are meant to make an impact through your camera. If you don’t believe that just yet, that’s OK. I’m here for you. I’m here to help you see your worth. I’m here to help you get beyond hobby status and help you make income and impact through your camera. Interested? Schedule your complimentary strategy call here, or email me at theaspiringtog@gmail.com