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5 Secrets To A Successful Partnership with Your Hair and Make Up Artist : Photography Education and Mentoring

Hi Photographer Friend!

When I first started my photography business years ago, I let my clients choose whether or not they wanted to add on professional hair and make up. Many opted not to.

That was a big mistake.

Sure, some clients would come to their photography session all done up pretty perfectly….

But others would come with little to no make up on and wet hair as if they just stepped out of the shower (not even kidding). My efforts to educate them on proper make up and hair for photoshoots didn’t work.

I would get so frustrated when clients would come to their photoshoot with little to no make up on because….

  • It made my job photographing them so much harder
  • It took me way longer to edit their images
  • They didn’t fall in love with their portraits as much as the ones who opted for pro hair and make up.
  • It hurt my sale.

So here I was spending more time editing their images but getting a lower sale…

I had had enough and decided to change things.

So now….

  • ALL of my clients receive “complimentary” hair and make up.
  • They come to their sessions already confident with how they look and they feel better.
  • I spend minutes editing instead of hours.

Partnering with a professional hair and make up artist has allowed me to offer an overall better experience for my clients, I save time when editing and I am making more money because they love their portraits more.

If you are wondering how to create a successful partnership with a pro HMUA, watch below to see the 5 Secrets for a Successful Partnership with Your Hair and Make Up Artist!



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