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Jen | Photography Mentor | Education for Portrait Photographers

Over the last few years, I have begun to learn how my biggest trials have turned into my biggest blessings…
You see, almost 5 years ago, I was laid off from my steady day job. Aiden was just 8 months old at the time and I was TERRIFIED!!! Can you imagine having a pay check one day and then the next, having no source of income?!?! Well, that was where I was. If you haven’t yet figured it out, It costs money to live. I needed to buy my son diapers, we had a mortgage and other bills and we flat out were not ready for one income to POOF into thin air. But regardless of whether or not we were ready for an unexpected job loss, that is what we had to deal with.
Photography had always been a passion of mine. I loved connecting with my clients and I loved making them feel beautiful and confident in front of my camera. And I thought to myself, “maybe I can make this side photography thing into a real business.”
So I started to work on that. I poured my heart and soul into growing my business and you know what?!?! It was hard. So, so hard. There were many times I wanted to just give up. There were many times that I compared myself to others and felt like I wasn’t good enough and would never “make it.”
But despite my feelings and insecurities, I continued to work. I continued to pursue the passion God gave me. And I slowly began to improve, learn and grow.
And now, by God’s grace, my photography business has bloomed into something that far exceeded my original plans. I have been able to photograph some of the most inspiring people, I absolutely LOVE my senior model program and more recently, I’ve had the privilege of coaching other aspiring photographers how they too can make an income and have an impact with their photography passion that blesses their families.
So this is Jen….We recently finished up her coaching program and I am BLOWN AWAY at her strength, her growth, her determination and her new found confidence in herself and in her photography business. She actually inspires me <3
And what’s even more amazing is how I can now clearly see how God is using some of my biggest pain points to serve and encourage others. And that is a true honor.
Your pain is never wasted. Your hardships have a purpose. Keep fighting. Don’t give up on your dreams. Honor your passions and serve others joyfully <3
Click here to see to be inspired by Jen <3
PS. If you’re a photographer who wants to learn more about coaching, message me here 🙂


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