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Tips for Decorating your Dorm Room : Northern VA High School Senior Portrait Photographer

how to decorate your dorm room

The summer has flown by! Hard to believe that in a few short weeks, you’ll be saying goodbye to your hometown and heading off to college. You’re filled with so much excitement (and a tad bit of nerves) as you prepare to head into your new world! By now, you probably have your essential college items (let’s hope so)! Now that you have what you need, let’s figure out some ways to creatively decorate and organize your dorm room! Thanks to the Internet and Pinterest (who decorates without Pinterest anyways!?!), I’ve gathered a list with some of the best ways to decorate and personalize your college dorm room.

JEWELRY ORGANIZATION: If you’re like me, you have TONS of jewelry…mine is literally spilling out of jewelry cabinet! I love this idea I found on Pinterest and it’s the perfect way to showcase your jewelry when you do not have a lot of space! All you need is an old cheese grater and spray paint in whatever color you’d like! This unique jewelry holder is great for earnings!

how to decorate your dorm room, jewelry organization
 CLOSET ORGANIZATION: I remember my college closet being small…we are talking super teeny tiny. And super teeny tiny closets are a norm for college living. This is where the Wonder Hanger comes in handy. You can easily fit in 3-4 times as many clothes in your tiny closet with these bad boys! See what I mean?!?!
how to decorate your dorm room
LIGHTING: String lights aren’t just for Christmas decorating! These are the perfect way to brighten up any dorm room. Use the string lights to spell out words or to showcase your photo collage!
how to decorate dorm room-2how to decorate dorm room-5
WALL ART / DOOR ART: Chances are painting your dorm room walls will not be allowed. That’s totally ok because there is a TON you can do with tape! That’s right – tape. Make sure you use washi tape – it comes in a variety of different colors and patterns so you can design geometric shapes or city skyline art! Grab your washi tape at Michaels, Target or even here on Etsy!
how to decorate dorm room-1how to decorate dorm room-4
PHOTO COLLAGE of family & friends: All you need is some twin, push pins, and clips (or clothes pins) and a bunch of your favorite photos. This decor is the perfect excuse to print out your favorite photos from Instagram!

how to decorate dorm room-3

***All of the above tips can be found on this Pinterest board (plus many more ideas)!

I would love to hear from you now! Have you come up with any additional ways to personalize your dorm room? Share in the comment section below!