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Amanda : Haymarket, Virginia : Gainesville, VA Portrait Photograpaher

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Amanda, one of the most down to earth and FUN gals I know! Amanda contacted me the week before she made a huge transition: moving to Colorado, hundreds of miles away from the family and friends and the life she has always known. Anyone who has ever moved to a new place before can tell you it can be dreadfully hard and overwhelming, but Amanda had a sense of eagerness about all the possiblities a new home and a fresh start hold! Once she’s settled into her new Coloradian lifestyle, Amanda will be rocking her own fashion business as one of Stella & Dot’s newest stylists (hence the need for head shots for her new biz)! And it’s pretty obvious from her photos that she has a unique sense of style and confindence that will no doubt make her a success!

Amanda, I had a blast taking photos of you! You are beautiful! I wish you and Jonathan the best of luck and years of happiness ahead of you in Colorado!

Location: Winery at La Grange, Haymarket, Virginia

Gainesville, Virginia Outdoor Portrait PhotosGainesville, Virginia Outdoor Portrait Photos