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Best of Haymarket, VA : 2013 Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine : Haymarket & Gainesville, VA Modern Portrait Photographer

I love my town of Haymarket, VA. It’s a quaint little town that has been able to hold on to the “small town charm” all while offering the benefits of being located so close to Washington DC and Northern Virginia. It has been the setting for many of my photo shoots such as this one here or this one here. Haymarket, VA offers a mix of beautiful outdoor settings, all from beautiful brick and stone walls to fields full of trees and babbling creeks. It just so happens that the Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine is hosting a “Best of 2013” survey and I’m writing this blog to ask you to take a moment and vote for “Heather Chesky Photography” for either the “Best Artist/Photographer” (question number 19) or “Best New Business” (question number 28), or even both! As you all know, my photography business is not only something I’m passionate about, but also something I am have worked hard to grow since I officially opened business in 2012. What a privilege it would be to recognized!

Oh, and just so you know, every person who does enter will be entered in a drawing to win $300!!! How cool would that be if you happened to win $300 just for taking five minutes to fill out a survey!?!? So click on this link and be sure to type in “Heather Chesky Photography” to question number 19 and 28! Be sure to get your vote in by August 9th! Many thanks friends!

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