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Make An Impact : Take A Stand Against Sex Trafficking : Northern VA Portrait Photographer

Are you ready for the next HCP Make An Impact Event? 

This is an important one.

It’s our opportunity to make a difference (and look cute in the process)!

HCP is teaming up with Free & Crowned, a company who makes designer headbands and gives 25% of the profits to charities who partner to fight against the sex trafficking epidemic. 

Here are a few chilling facts for you:
* There are 27+ million people who have been sold into human trafficking
* The average age of the victim is 12…..just 12 years old.
* Trafficking is a US problem. It occurs in every state. In Virginia alone, there were 150 reported cases last year.

It’s sad, but….

Together, we can make a difference.
Together, we can take a stand against human trafficking.
Together, we can do something positive to show the girls who have been victims that they are beautiful and that they have value.

Each headband from Free & Crowned is a symbol that speaks to “a girls real worth and how they truly deserved to be treated – like a queen or princess adorned with a beautiful crown.”

This particular photoshoot is a little something extra special.  It is open to anyone who wants to make an impact. Your moms, sisters, aunts, and friends – anyone who wants to do something that gives back. Seriously, I am not charging at all to photograph those who want to take part. In other words, this photoshoot is completely FREE!! The only requirement to be photographed is that you purchase your very own Free & Crowned headband here. Order your “crown” soon – we want to make sure in arrives in time for the photography session!

Now what?!?!
1. Purchase your own “crown” here
2. Schedule your time to be photographed here! Limited spaces available!
3. Invite your friends to join (they must purchase their own headband and schedule their on photography time slot too)!
4. I have a few ideas for location that I’m still trying to work out so stand by for more information on that, along with outfit ideas! **This will be sent out after people block their time slot here.

We can make a difference. We can do something positive to shed light on this horrific epidemic. I hope you’ll join me for the Free & Crowned Charity Photoshoot on May 28th!

Much Love!

PS. Tell your friends! The more who come, the more who take a stand, the better!!!

P.P.S. Save and share this image all over and tag #hcpmakeanimpact !