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Product Review : House of Flynn Camera Bag : Virginia High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Confession – I am not like most girls when it comes to bags, purses and totes… Truthfully I really do not care about the name or the brand. Just as long as it can carry my things from point A to point B, I’m happy with a cheapo bag from Walmart – but all that changed when I got my hands on a House of Flynn Evermore Camera Bag.

This bag is everything I never knew I needed in a bag and more!

House of Flynn is a high end camera camera equipment company. The owner and designer, Maureen Flynn, is known for putting out some of the most drool worthy camera bags in the photography industry….and let me tell you, she and her gear line lives up to that notion.

So last week, I received my brand new bag. Although I am currently 36 weeks preggo, I am still crazy enough to run around doing photoshoots (what can I say – I love my job). Hear me when I say this – the Evermore Camera Bag has been the perfect thing carry all my necessary camera gear while also carrying around an extra 25ish pounds of baby in my belly! On yesterday’s high school senior photoshoot, I was able to stash my camera body, two lenses, two flashes, 2 triggers, my octo soft box, plus stand, my jug of water and some snacks, because let’s face it it, this preggo girl eats non stop. With my previously owned bags, all that gear would have taken up at least two bags and I’d still have to manage carrying a stand! Not to mention the soreness I would feel afterwards from juggling around so much stuff in multiple bags! Not so with my Evermore! This one bag fits all my photography session needs while looking professional and fashionable!

Here’s a look of my Evermore Bag!

And you know what else I love – Since Maureen is a mom of young kids like me, she gets all the stuff moms need to carry around. And when my peanut makes his debut and I officially go on maternity leave, my Evermore Camera Bag will make the perfect diaper bag for my feisty little 3 year old and my newborn. It is safe to say that this bag has become my new obsession & favorite accessory I own!

Photographer or Mom you will not regret getting one of these bags! Check out the entire House of Flynn line here!