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Product Spotlight : Gainesville, VA : Virginia High School Senior Portrait Photographer

This week on the blog, we are featuring a beautiful way to display your senior photos…Introducing the Storyboard Collection Series, a popular go to product among high school seniors (and with good reason)! The Storyboard Collection is a boutique wall art piece that incorporates your favorite senior images all in one finished piece. Each Storyboard is customized designed to fit you & your personality to a T.Below is Morgan’s Storyboard Collection (remember Morgan, that epic dancer featured here). Morgan chose to go with a 20×20 Acrylic art piece that features 8 of her favorite images. Stunning, right?
And then here is Morgan (yes, both of the of these beauties are named Morgan), who chose to go with a 10×20 linen print storyboard collection with framing that showcases three of her favorite senior portraits.
My goal at HCP to to give you and your family a full service experience. No more poorly colored, flimsy (and if you don’t mind my honesty) ugly prints from the cheapo lab at Wallgreens and Shutterfly. No more discs of images that are placed in a draw, forgotten about and never again see the light of day. Photos of your loved ones, especially during milestone events like senior year and high school graduation, ought to be hung on the walls of your home so you can enjoy them everyday. Like the Storyboard Collection featured above, every HCP product is carefully designed and crafted so you are able to sit back and enjoy the experience and the art for many years to come!
Interested in hearing more about the HCP product line and how you can get your hands on this art? Let me know here!