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Real Beauty : Gainesville, VA Beauty Photographer

This post is for every woman who has ever looked at herself in the mirror and has not liked the reflection of the girl starring back at her. This is for the women who think they are somehow less because they are not a size 2 or have flawless skin. This is for the women who may feel like they simply aren’t good enough because they don’t look a certain way. This video is for you. It’s for me too because I am guilty of only seeing what I don’t like about myself and completely missing out on the beauty that other’s see in me. And this is what I love so much about my photography business. Through my lens, I’m able to capture the natural beauty that you posses but don’t normally see in yourself. Like the sketches in the video, your photographs serve as a reminder that you are indeed beautiful and something that is to be treasured. So book your session today. Trust me, it will be an amazing experience, will boost your confidence and help you realize just how beautiful you are.