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Things To Do This Summer : Senior Portrait Photographer in Virginia


Your Junior year is FINALLY finished!!! You did it! Long, sunny summer days are ahead, so now is the time to accomplish everything on your summer bucket list! Before you know it, you will be starting your senior year full of college visits and big life decisions. If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to take a few moments, sit down and create your own summer bucket list.

Formalizing your ideas by writing or typing them actually brings you closer to accomplishing them. I recommend posting your list somewhere prominent (like your mirror, bedroom wall or refrigerator), so that you are regularly inspired to check things off! Not only will this bucket list serve as a reminder of all the goals you have, but it will also give you a starting point for the days when you feel as though you have nothing to do. YOLO!

Here are a few examples to help you get started:

  1. Go to a drive in movie with friends
  2. Have a bon fire (complete with s’mores!)
  3. Go hiking and have a picnic at the base of a waterfall
  4. Play with side walk chalk – just because you can!
  5. Go strawberry picking & bake a strawberry pie from scratch
  6. Plan a trip to a place you have never seen before – this could be anything from a short road trip to an exciting international adventure. Whether you get to go this summer or not, this goal can get you excited about future travel! The more you know of the world, the more well rounded you will be as an individual.
  7. Spend an entire day at the pool reading a new book
  8. Spend an afternoon painting or drawing in the park
  9. Help your friends check off items on their bucket list
  10. Take lessons in a musical instrument (guitar, drums, etc.). I’m currently learning how to play the piano, which is something that has been on my bucket list for years!
  11. See a local play or musical – even consider acting in it!
  12. Volunteer with a charitable organization in the field you are considering as a career: volunteer with Habitat for Humanity if you are interested in construction, architecture or interior design; volunteer at a soup kitchen if you are interested in culinary arts; volunteer at a local boys & girls club or a literacy initiative if you are interested in teaching or coaching, volunteer at an animal shelter if you are interested in veterinary medicine; volunteer at a hospital or free clinic if you are interested in medicine; volunteer at a shelter if you are interested in hospitality or counseling, etc. There are so many people in our area that could benefit from your help, and this hands-on experience can also assist you in determining what you want to do with your life, and is a great boost to your resume as well.
  13. Schedule your Senior Portraits with HCP!!!*

*I realize that it may seem a little early to SCHEDULE YOUR SENIOR PICTURES (after all, this past school year just ended), but trust me when I tell you that Senior Portrait dates fill up QUICKLY… In fact,  September is already completely BOOKED! I have limited summer and fall dates available, so don’t waste any time – CLICK HERE to let me know you are interested and I can fill you in on the process!

Post Script:

I would love to hear your ideas for a Summer Bucket List – Please inspire us all by sharing them in the comment section below!