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The Beauty Check List : Preparing for your Photoshoot : Gainesville, VA Modern Portrait Photographer

I am constantly asked by women what they can do to best prepare for their upcoming photoshoot. This is a great question and fortunitely, I have quite a few tips that you can do so that your photos represent the best version of yourself! Doing what is listed below is certainly not a requirement, but a little bit of preparation prior can help get rid of possible distractions in your photos. Not every point listed will apply to everyone, but glance over this checklist and pick and choose the things that fit into your lifestyle and budget. So lets get started…

HAIR: Ladies, if you dye your hair, it is important to touch up your roots prior to your shoot day. And while you’re doing that, you might as well have you stylist trim your hair. Plan on scheduling this 1-2 weeks before your shoot day. On the day of your photo shoot, come with hair fresh, clean and dry. My awesome stylist will work her magic and style your hair to perfection!

FACE: Let’s start with your eyes: I highly suggest plucking or waxing your eye brows (if you don’t do this already). This simple step helps frame the face. Now onto your teeth. Whitening your teeth is such an easy thing to do that makes a huge difference! Try some Crest Whitestrips or if you prefer to go the home remedy route, this is a list of things you can do to whiten your teeth with items you probably already have in your home. Please note that this process should start a week before your shoot.

HANDS: This is often overlooked, but two things are worth mentioning. One: make sure your nails are trimmed and clean. If you’d like to put a little nail polish on, stick with a neutral color or opt for a french manicure. If you happen to be a nail-biter (like me!), pick up some fake nails at the Walgreens down the road. You’ll be glad you did when you see your photos. Number two: clean the jewelry you plan on wearing (this goes for rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings). Make sure your bling sparkles (married ladies: this is especially true of your wedding ring).

SKIN: It may go without saying, but please shave or wax your legs, your armpits and get any unwanted facial hair that may be hanging around! If you’re planning on being photographed with your man, make sure he shaves as well (unless you’re like me and you find guys with the scruffy, 5 o’clock shadow look uber sexy)!

And for my final point, CLOTHING. A few suggestions in this department:

Plan on bringing at least 4 outfits/tops/dresses, preferably something from each category:

– Something dark, like a charcoal grey or black

– Something light, like pink or white

– Something sexy, you know, that one outfit you feel totally fierce in (and its ok if this is more lingerie like)

– Something you and fits your personality to a ‘T’

A few more things to consider about clothing…

Necklines: make sure you have a variety of necklines like scoop neck, v-neck, one shoulder, halter, etc.

Prints: best to avoid clothing with larger prints and stick with solid colors (jewel toned colors like royal blues and deep purples tend to look good on anyone).

Textures = Awesomeness. Clothing with texture (like lacy tops, ruffles and/or sparkles) will add more depth to your images so bring ’em and lots of ’em!

Form fitting: Regardless of your size, let’s show off those curves! Clothing that is flowy tends to add more weight to the person being photographed, so it’s best to stick with something that fits in all the right places!

Shoes: No need to bring ’em because we likely will not see them (unless you specifically want a full length shot)! And if you haven’t been able to pick up on it already, I’m pretty laid back so you’ll likely see me photographing in my comfy socks or barefoot 🙂

Don’t forget to bring matching jewelry for every outfit you choose! Remember you accessories can make or break your outfit!

Whew! We made it! Who would have thought there is so much to do to prepare for your photoshoot!?!? But seriously, since your are investing in a professional makeover and photoshoot, it’s worth it to go the extra mile and do what’s listed above (or at least most of it). If you don’t want to read they this entire post again, here’s the cliffnotes version of what to bring the day of your photoshoot:

The Day Of Check List:

1. 3-4 outfits, plus an extra comfy outfit to lounge in while your getting you makeover

2. A pearly white smile

3. Pretty, neutral colored nails

4. Clean, dry hair with no roots showing

5. Clean rings and jewelry


And there you have it! Message me if you have and specific questions but hopefully this post provided more guidance as you plan for your glamour makeover and photo shoot!

Can’t wait to photograph you!