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The Value of a Printed Photograph : Gainesville & Bristow, VA Family Portrait Photographer

I just returned home from delivering a client’s folio box full of mounted and matted photographs. She contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted pictures of her family, her adult children, their new spouses and of course, the family dog of 13 years. When I walked in her home and handed over her folio box, I was amazed by her reaction. As she opened it, her face lit up with joy. Tears welled up and her eyes as she scanned and flipped through each and every image, admiring the faces and smiles of her loved ones. She kept saying over and over again how grateful she was to hold these prints in her hands, to have this folio box as a keepsake for years to come.

We live in such a digital age, and as such we have become accustomed to simply sharing photos online. There’s nothing wrong with that; however I think we have forgotten how special a tangible photograph of our loved ones can be. Of course having a digital images are important as well. We can share them on Facebook with friends and family but that also means that they often get lost somewhere off in cyberspace. The value of having something printed, something that you can frame, something that you can hang on the wall or display on the bookshelf is invaluable. Your family are the most precious people God has given to you. And having a photograph that you can holding your hands, that you can walk by every single day as you walk through the living room, that you can flip through the pages of an album and see their smiles and their joy; that is priceless. And that is my goal as your portrait photographer: To bring joy to my clients by providing artwork to decorate their home that would be a visible reminder to them of the bond they share as a family.

So if you’re ready to invest in an album, a folio box or wall art of your family so you can admire everyday, contact me here and we’ll figure out something that is just right for you.

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