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Top 8 Reasons To Schedule Your Senior Portraits THIS Summer : Northern VA High School Senior Portrait Photographer

One question I’ve been hearing over and over from my high school senior clients & potential clients is when is the best time to book their high school senior portrait session. My response: the best time to book your senior photo session is the summer before you start your senior year. I realize this may be a hard concept to grasp and some may think it’s too early, but here is a list of 8 reasons why the summer before your senior year starts is the best time to have your photographs taken:

8. Bragging Rights: You can be the trend-setter. The leader in your class. Your gorgeous photos will be the first that all your friends will see. And they will gush over them.

7. Time is On Your Side: By scheduling your senior session in the months of June-July-August, when you are out of school, you’ll have more time to plan it just right, more time to shop for the cutest clothes and more time to create your one of a kind session with me. Can you imagine trying to squeeze in your session when homework is piling up, you have sports practice every afternoon and your head is spinning from that endless list of stuff that needs to get done?!?! Save yourself the hassle and just book in your free summer months.

6. Light is On Your Side: Summer months mean longer days which means more longer daylight hours which means more time to capture your beauty in the great outdoors.

5. Make the Most of Summer: The last few weeks of school tends to drag on. You look forward to summer every year so why not make the most of your summer by having an epic shoot!?

4. You will have a Tan: Unless you’re like me and have super duper fair skin (like me), you’ll be tanned from all that pool & beach going fun.

3. Water Time: Summer time means water fun! Because it’s so warm, we can have your session on the water, in a boat, on a lake or a destination shoot at the beach!

2. Yearbook Deadlines: By scheduling your shoot in the summer, you are also ensuring you’ll have amazing photos already prepared to submit to your school’s yearbook before their deadline rolls around, which is typically mid-October. Not only that, but you can include a great photo with your collage applications and theatre head shots.

1. Summer Colors: the grass is green, flowers have blossomed and trees are full of leaves making a beautiful backdrop for your session. Not only that, but there are some pretty amazing sunsets in the summer too.

I personally think the summer time is a great time to have your senior portraits done (and hopefully this list convinced you too); however, I totally understand that this timeframe may not work for you. Perhaps you are the type of girl who loves winter and wants to have a stylized wintery/snowy shoot, or maybe you love the fall and want capture the changing leaves while dressed in your cowgirl boots out on a rustic barn. That’s totally cool. The important thing to do is to book your session early so we can plan ahead. I am booking months in advance so it is better to get your date set in stone even if it’s still months away!

If you’re ready to book your session or have any questions, contact me HERE!