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What to Wear for your Photoshoot : Body Types Hourglass Shape, Part Five : Personal Branding Photographer

Welcome to our final in the five post blog series all about how to dress to flatter your unique body shape so you look fierce in your photos! We’ve already covered the Apple Shape, the Pear Shape, the Inverse Triangle Shape, and the Rectangle Shape. If you missed anyone of those, click back on the links so you don’t miss any of this good stuff! For our final blog, we will be covering the Hourglass Shape!

What to Wear for your Photoshoot : Body Types Rectangle Shape, Part Four : Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer

The Hourglass Shape:

The Hourglass Shapes Characteristics:

– Shoulders and hips are similar in proportion

– Tiny waist

– Best assest: Your curves!

***Fashion Goal: To show off those curves….tastefully.

The Apple Shape: The Apple Shapes Characteristics: - Most weight is accumulated above the hips - Broader shoulders - Best assest: Legs! ***Fashion Goal: To elongate the torso while showing off the legs and creating the illusion of a smaller waist

Here’s the last set of visuals!

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And there you have it! All five body shapes have been covered! Again if you missed any of them, feel free to click on the links below:

The Apple Shape

The Pear Shape

The Inverse Triangle Shape

The Rectangle Shape

Now that you know what to wear to make you look your best, head over here to schedule your photoshoot!

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