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You are Beautiful Now : Gainesville, VA Glamour Photographer

Over the past weeks, dozens of women have contacted me asking me to photograph them when they “lose a little weight” and achieve their ideal body figure. First let me say  it is an honor and privilege to be considered to photograph someone. And second let me say to all those women, don’t wait to be photographed; YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NOW.

All too often, women (myself included) set unrealistic goals for themselves. And who can blame us? Media these days bombard us with image after image that has been photoshopped way too much and reveal an unrealistic body type. We are tempted to feel that our worth is all rolled up into how we look. Is it any wonder why we look at ourselves in the mirror and think that we are not good enough? This issue hits so close to home for me. Throughout my entire high school and college years, I struggled with an eating disorder. I was hospitalized more than once and I hated everything about myself and my life. I had no hope. None. Zero. Ziltch. To make a long story short, God worked a miracle in my life and I am forever grateful. It is because of HIM that I am able to write this now and say that, even though my body is far from “ideal,” I have accepted who I am and I praise God with the body, however flawed, He has given me. Given my background, it breaks my heart to see other women believe the lie that they have to lose weight first to be happy with themselves or to consider themselves beautiful or to treat themselves to a professional photography session. Ladies, those are all lies. All of us were created in the image of a beautiful God and if we stop believing those lies for even just even a moment, our eyes will begin to see our true selves and our God-given beauty. Every person has it. You have it. Beleive me, you do. I know what beauty looks like and I can capture it in you. If you’re even the slightest bit intrigued, let me know here. And please share this with someone you know who needs a confidence booster. Hugs.

Celebrate your beauty with a photography session with a Gainesville, VA PhotographerCelebrate your beauty with a photography session with a Gainesville, VA PhotographerCelebrate your beauty with a photography session with a Gainesville, VA Photographer