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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding Day Photographer : Gainesville, VA Modern Wedding Photographer

Photography is more than fancy gear and flashes. Long after the cake has been eaten, the tuxes have been returned and the flowers have wilted, your images will remain; hence the need to ensure you chose a photographer you trust. Choosing a wedding photographer can be quite a daunting task, but this list is here to help you ask the right questions so you can find the right photographer. After all, it’s those images and the album created that you will be sharing with your children and your grandchildren years down the road. So here we go:
Gainesville, Haymarket, Warrenton, VA Modern Wedding Photographer
1. What is your primary photographic style? There are two primary styles in the world of wedding photography: a traditional approach (lots of posed shots) and a photojournalistic approach (more candid; the images tell a story). It is important to note the difference between the two so you can choose a photographer who fits the style you envision for your wedding day. At Heather Chesky Photography, I primarily take a photojournalistic approach with hints of contemporary fashion flair. My goal is to capture the tears of joy shared among you, your new spouse and your family members while also capturing timeless images that are worthy of a spot in Vogue Wedding Magazine.
Gainesville, Haymarket, Warrenton, VA Modern Wedding Photographer
2. How many weddings have you shot? This is a great one question that will give you an idea of the experience level behind the photographer you are considering. Note the difference between years of experience and actual weddings shot. A photographer may say that he has 5 years experience, but may only have shot 2-5 weddings per year where as a someone who has photographed 25 plus weddings for the past two years is more experienced despite fewer years working in the wedding photography industry.
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3. Do you schedule multiple weddings/events on the same weekend? Often times studios book back to back weddings. Can you image the exhaustion the photographer may feel after working back to back 10+ hour days? the attention to detail and customer service level may drastically decline. In this scenario, more is not better. At Heather Chesky Photography, I limit the number of weddings I accept each year so that I can provide stellar service to every single couple.
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4. Will a contract be provided? When dealing with something as important as your wedding day photography, a contract is a necessity. A reputable photographer will already have a contract to provide you with that will clearly lay out the details of the services that are to be provided. A contract is for your’s and the photographer’s protection so be sure to read over it carefully and have all your questions answered before signing.
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5. Do you have insurance? Wedding photographers ought to have insurance that protects against theft and damage, but more importantly, it provides liability protection on the off chance that Uncle Bob trips over the photographer’s bag and breaks his leg. Be weary of photographers who do not possess business insurance. Chances are, if they do not, they are either very new to the industry or are not taking their business seriously.
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6. Do you color correct my images? During the course of your wedding day, you are often changing between many different lighting scenarios (tungsten light in the bridal room, bright day light outside, fluorescent church light, etc). This may result in images where your skin tone may look a tad orange or blue. At the very least, a good photographer will color correct every single image she delivers instead to ensure that you are receiving a quality product.
Gainesville, Haymarket, Warrenton, VA Modern Wedding Photographer
7. What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups? Although equipment does not necessarily determine the talent of a photographer, it should be addressed prior to booking. A photographer who knows what she is doing will have invested with professional gear, along with back ups just incase something breaks in the middle of your wedding. Along the same lines, it is important to ask if your photographer has a back up photographer in case he becomes ill the day of your wedding. This is unlikely, but important to know regardless. I take my business and your wedding seriously; therefore, I have invested in the proper equipment and have a network of back up professional photographers with similar style to call on if the primary photographer becomes ill.
Gainesville, Haymarket, Warrenton, VA Modern Wedding Photographer
8. What attire will you wear? This is your day so it is important that your photographer does not stand out and is a distraction. Wedding photographers ought to dress professionally and appropriate for the occasion. While photographing a wedding, I typically wear black dress pants and a dark colored dress shirt or dress so that I can go unnoticed by the bride, groom and their guests and capture the candid images you will treasure for years to come.
Gainesville, Haymarket, Warrenton, VA Modern Wedding Photographer
9. Do you do photography full time? Because wedding photography primarily takes places on the weekends, you may notice a number of photographers who also have a typical 40 hour a week job. Due to a large chunk of time devoted to another job, part time photographers may not be able to deliver your images and products as quickly or even provide the same level of service as some one who does photography full time. I am personally a full time photographer so I dedicate all my time to my clients and making sure my business runs smoothly.
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10. How long after my wedding will the images be ready? Each studio’s time frame on delivery will vary. You can expect that most studios offering quality work will deliver anywhere from 1 to 6 months. I have developed a consistent post production work flow so that you will receive amazing images and products in a quick manor. Typically, couples working with me can expect to see their images 3-4 weeks after their wedding date.


And there you have it! If I haven’t addressed your question in this post, feel free to message me hereIf you know of someone who is on the hunt for an awesome wedding photographer, share this post with them on Facebook and Twitter!
Gainesville, Haymarket, Warrenton, VA Modern Wedding Photographer