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Countdown to the Aisle : Wedding Planning Timeline : Gainesville, VA Modern Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! You’re engaged and in awe of that gorgeous ring on your finger! But now what? You have to plan a wedding, right? But where do you start? Try on dresses? Pick a date? Find a venue? peruse thru a stacks of bridal magazines? Freak out because you are realizing just how overwhelming it is to plan a wedding? Whew…breathe. Just breathe. This post is here to help you know what to do, when to do it so you can plan your perfect wedding stress free. So let’s begin…

Allow me to introduce to you Marry This, an excellent online resource for planning your dream wedding. And it just so happens, Allison, the owner owner of Marry This, the made this snazzy timeline so you can check off tasks as you go!

Wedding Planning Time Line designed by Marry This & shared by Heather Chesky, Gainesville, VA Modern Wedding Photographer

Major Bonus: Get a printable timeline here!

Notice here when to research, meet with and book your wedding day photographer. As you can tell from the timeline above, it is suggested you do that 12 months out (earlier if you can). As soon as you have a date and venue set in stone, you can (and should) research & book your favorite photographer. The photos your photographer takes on your wedding day will be the only thing that lasts from your wedding years and decades down the road so it’s important to book a talented and reputable photographer whom you trust to capture those once in a lifetime images that you will share with your children and grandchildren.

So there you have it! A basic timeline to planning your dream wedding without the added hassle of stress! If you’re at the point where you’re ready to meet with and book your photographer, contact me here so I can treat you and your hubby-to-be to a cup of coffee and answer any and all of your photography related wedding questions .

Or perhaps you know someone who is freaking out not knowing how to plan her own wedding? Please show her some love by sharing this link with her and she’ll be forever greatful!


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