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For the Aspiring Photographer : Free Business Training For Your : Northern VA Photographer

photography education, heather chesky, build a six figure photography businessThis has been months in planning.

Weeks on end of preparation.

Technology broke. Mistakes made. Big ones.

Frustrated. Really frustrated.

I wanted to give up. So many times.

But then I thought of you – the aspiring photographer who is hustling to get your photography business off the ground while you balance out the demands of family life. You are why I created this training. I remember what it feels like to be you. I remember juggling a million tasks and working late into the night to create the business I dreamed of. I remember feeling hopeless and not knowing where to turn. I remember feeling like maybe I just wasn’t good enough. I remember feeling like everyone else was easily getting what I was desperately working towards but felt like I was failing miserably at. Perhaps this is where you are now.

You, my photographer friend, are in luck.

I’ve created a 4 part video training that shares with you how I built a thriving photography business after a job layoff and how you can build one too!This 4 part video training completely free.

I know you have questions about how to make your business work for you. I know you long to bring in consistent income for your family. I know you are trying your hardest. You are talented. You are dedicated. You are not alone. I am here to help you reach your goals.

So click here to sign up for the free 4 part video training!



P.S. Not a Photographer?!?! That’s totally OK! I still encourage you to sign up for the free video training. The principles and techniques I’m sharing in the training can be applied to any creative home-based business and I am certain that you will gain value from it. So go ahead and click here to sign up.

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