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Jen is a creative soul with a huge heart who is looking to change the face of greeting cards. She represents Send out Cards, an online card system that allows to the user to send genuine cards or gifts with a simple click of a button and the company prints, and mails the physical card for you!

Jen is proud to say that “the vision behind my business is people. Caring about, celebrating with, reaching out to people in a personal way is what we are all about. We truly believe that kindness matters and that expressing gratitude through personalized cards can make a difference.” Jen hopes that as her business grows, she will be able to share her cards with more and more people. She aims to make a real difference in her community by spreading happiness through something so personal and handmade, and who couldn’t use more of that?!?! You can connect with Jen right here (and check out her cards, they’re STUNNING!)

Here’s What Jen had to say about her Personal Branding Portraits: “After working with Heather, I felt inspired! I love Heather’s work and her passion to help other’s succeed. Prior to working with her, I would never have considered getting a headshot. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to sit for a traditional head shot. But Heather has the ability to make you feel comfortable and capture what is most important to you. Her photos do a great job of showing who you really are! Give Heather a call! She will help you decide what look you want and she is so much fun to work with!!”

personalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographypersonalbrandingphotographyAre YOU a courageous entrepreneur who is ready to take your creative business to the next level?!?! A fun loving, care free, genuine smiling photo of you has the power to connect you with your ideal client in an instant! Find out about HCP’s Personal Branding Photography right here so we can capture the beautiful and radiant person you truly are!