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Mompreneurs Unite : The Importance of a Mission Statement : Gainesville, VA Modern Portrait Photographer & Mompreneur

What’s the big deal with a mission statement you may ask? Why have one? Is there really any need to sit down and write that? In a word, yes.

Simply put, your mission statement will guide your actions. Writing a mission statement for your creative business clarifies the dreams and aspirations you possess. These statements help you stay on track and allow you to focus your attention on what you are good at. Saying who you are and what you want your business to accomplish in the long-term is empowering. Developing this little statement helps you to decide in advance who you are and who you are not. Writing your statement helps you figure out what you want your main thing to be and helps you keep the main thing the main thing. The bottom line is that your mission statement should reflect your calling.

So when you’re smack dab in the middle of crazy of deadlines, inquires you don’t have time to respond to and a sick child who only wants his mommy, or when you’re thinking to yourself “is this really worth it? Can I really do this? Maybe I should throw in the towel,” you pull out your mission statement and be reminded of why you started your business in the first place. It will ground you and give you that little bit of strength you need to get through the present moment and focus on your bright future.

So just how do you craft your very own mission statement? First, know that this will take time. It’s not something that can just be jotted down and then forgotten about. Mine took weeks to think through, pray through and write. But as I continued this process, I watched my statement of what initially appeared to be jargon, form into something I’m proud of, stand behind and will diligently work to accomplish. Also know that down the road, it is ok to deliberately and carefully tweak your statement to better fit your growing business and a changing marketplace.

Need an example? Here. I’ll happily share mine 😀

My mission through Heather Chesky Photography is to help build every women’s self-confidence through the art of photography. HCP will enable women from all backgrounds, lifestyles and body types to accept and love themselves as they are. As the company’s success continues to grow, HCP will also provide an environment through Mompreneurs Unite  that will support, encourage and equip mothers who are actively pursuing their own creative business while raising young children. Momprenuers Unite will be  a place that connects and empowers mothers to confidently step out and pursue their God-given dreams in their business and home life.

Still think you need a little more guidance? Then I’d recommend heading over here. This link provides a helpful worksheet written by Dave Ramsey on how to craft your statement along with more examples. It will surely get your creative juices flowing 😀

Already have your mission statement? That great! Leave it below in the comment section so we can get a better idea of who you are and the values you possess. Or perhaps you only have bits and pieces? Share it anyways and we can help you complete it!

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