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Momprenuers Unite : Top Apps for Moms In Business : Haymarket, VA Portrait Photographer

Given technology today, we can practically run our entire businesses from our smart phones and tablets. These nifty gadgets are incredibly convenient, super easy to use and can even be written of for tax purposes when you’re using it to grow your home-based business!

And then there are apps….hundreds upon thousands of them…in every category and genre known to man! How in the world are you going to weed through all of them to find the ones that will help you become a more organized and successful business owner? Good news: you don’t have to….keep reading…

I have compiled a list of apps that I use on pretty close to a daily basis that helps me do my job better and gives me more time to spend with my family. So without further adu, my favorite apps for Moms In Business are…

Milebug: This easy to use app allows you to track your mileage of all the business related trips and errands you run. It even includes sections where you can track tolls, hotels and food. And if you are a super mom and happen to run multiple business, this nifty app will also allow you to track for multiple businesses. It’s the easy way to keep records when you are on the and will email you excel friendly reports! This app cost $2.99 and is well worth every penny!

Dropbox: Dropbox is a great place to house your business related documents, videos, files and photos (I also use it for personal stuff too). You can access your files anywhere: your home computer, the dropbox website  and via the Dropbox app for your phone and/or tablet. It’s supper easy to share your files with other professionals. You payment is based upon how much storage you require; however there is a free plan which gives us no excuse not to use it!

Period Tracker: Ok ladies, I know this one isn’t “business related” per say, but this app certainly does help keep track of our monthly cycle along with all the wonderful symptoms that go with it (please note my sarcasm). It’s a great tool to use as you plan for upcoming events. There’s a free version and a $1.99 version. You choose the one that’s best for you!

Square (and/or Paypal): Who doesn’t love making money, right? These next two apps help you do just that: make a sale and accept a secure payment! Square and PayPal will both send you a free credit card reader so you can accept payments in person. Plug that bad boy into the headset hole on your phone and, swipe away and cha ching! You now have more money in your Square or PayPal account!

Docusign: This little app I’ve used more times than I can count! It’s a great way for signing contracts and releases digitally without lugging around papers (and it’s better for the environment)! You can grab your documents from anywhere: through an email attachment, Dropbox, Goggle Docs, and more. Simply type in the recipients name and email, tag where they can sing, and voila, Docusign notifies the recipient that they have a document that needs to be signed and will walk them through how to sign it (so no worries if you’re client has never heard of Docusign)! Once the signing is complete, every one is notified and the document is safe and secure in cloud storage. No printing, no snail mailing and no faxing, saving you time (and what mom doesn’t love more time). Docusign has monthly plans depending on how often you use it, but they do have a trial version available that you can test out before you commit to it.

Shoeboxed Receipt: If you’re like me, you hate carrying around receipts, but also have trouble finding the time to document those stack of receipts for tax purposes. Enter Shoeboxed Receipt! Snap a photo with your mobile device and Shoeboxed Receipt takes it from there! Reports can be generated in seconds and can be ready to export to your business partners or (heaven forbid) to the IRS if you ever get audited. Quick and clutter free!

Wunderlist: Wunderlist is a great way to organize your “To Do” list for business life and personal life. You can create all sorts of list (and sub-lists) so you’ll never forget what you need to do or an errand you need to run. This app also allows you to set reminders, send notifications, schedule re-occuring events and and allows you to share your list with your hubby and colleagues. If you make an adjustment to your list on your iPhone, it will automatically sync with your computer and iPad making it even easier. It’s like your own little personal assistant that you can take with you wherever you go 🙂

Phone4Kids: Okay, this last app isn’t business related at all, but my oh my, it has come in handy! My 20 month old loves to play with it giving me time to catch up on client emails, edit a few photos or just to take a mental break from it all! What I like about this kids app as opposed to others is that offers a lot more individual games (30 to be exact) that help with color recognition, numbers, letters and more.

Best apps for women in business by Heather Chesky

And there you have it folks. Pick out a few that you aren’t using just yet and give ’em a shot.

And if there are business/mommy related apps you find helpful, but were not mentioned on this list, please feel free to share it in the comment section below!

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading! If you’ve found this information helpful, be sure to subscribe by email so you never miss a post and spread the love by sharing this with your other mommy-business friends!